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Running your business made easier

With expertise in Marketing, Operations, and IT Services, we at OpAssist can streamline your business, allowing you to focus on enriching your company.

Our Story

At Operations Assistance, the most important part of our story is YOUR story.

Our clients become our friends and family, so we go above and beyond to help them grow and succeed. We work hard to streamline their operations and maintain their technology systems, alleviating tasks so they can focus on what is most important for their business. We continue to work alongside them, growing their business by expanding their reach through consulting and custom marketing campaigns. As OpAssist expands, we continue to add more services that complement and build upon one another, providing a single unified place for our clients to reach out for anything they need to succeed!

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Our Services

We aim to provide services of the
highest quality

Web Design & Development

Here at OpAssist we go beyond generic templates. Our team of in-house designers create branding and unforgettable websites for every client, and our developers bring each design to life!

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Two Lanes Starting at ONLY

* Price is based on FMY Lease OAC, other options include $1 buy out. All prices are in USD.

(FMV Leases receive new equipment every 3 years)


  • Server
  • 7 Office Computers
  • 3 Printers (including 2 tray check printers)
  • Badge/Car Label Printers
  • Complete Managed Services


  • 2 Block Computers
  • Speakers for Lanes
  • Amplifiers, Mics, & Headphones
  • Auctioneer Display Screens
  • 50" Customer Tote Screens


  • Simulcast
  • Camera and DVR - Videos for Arbitration
  • Card Maker/Scanner
  • Touchscreen Automated System
  • Postcards (Marketing)
  • Fax, Email, Phone, and Text Broadcast
  • Backup - Local and Cloud

Virtualize your server in minutes!

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